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Ramadan Plates

This is an idea I used with my children a couple of Ramadans ago.

Ramadan plates

It is an activity which can be enjoyed by all ages throughout the month, inshAllah. As the plates were made we stuck them on the walls, so that by the time Eid arrived we had a brightly decorated room!

We used paper plates and  reference books containing hadith and ayat about Ramadan, fasting, Lailat al-Qadr etc. Every day we would choose a hadith or ayat to study, then the children would copy it out onto the paper plate, and decorate it with craft materials, paints etc. One of the children was too young to write out the hadith, so she decorated words like “Ramadan”, “fasting” etc instead.

We used plates to symbolise the idea that when we fast we are filling  plates with worship rather than food.

another example


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Book Review Lapbook

Lapbooks are so versatile! Have you thought of using a lapbook to present a book review? In this example a friend’s younger brother made a lapbook about a book that he enjoyed reading.

book review cover


There are lots of things you can do with this

– Write about a favourite or important character.

– Write about the story setting.

– Write a summary of the story, you could do this in comic strip form inside an accordian book.

– Write themed vocabulary lists.For example this book was about robots, so make a robot words list.

– Write about what you liked or disliked about the story.

more inside

Use lots of drawings, colours and shapes associated with the story. Even deciding what pictures to include is part of the book review process, recalling the places, characters and objects from the story. In this lapbook there were stars, a telescope and a silvery planet to illustrate.

This type of lapbook project is great for a child to do all by himself, as the only reference source required is a book of his choice. Something different for the summer maybe! InshAllah.

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