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Good Deeds Notebook

This very simple notebook is a collection of Islamic stories illustrating the key concept “Good deeds help you get to Jannah”. Another sister first worked on this project a few years ago, and I have recently reworked it with my 6 year old daughter.

For my daughter’s project we used six stories, studying one at a time. We would read the story through, then she would write a little about it, and draw or colour a picture. This project could be done with any age group.

The idea is to collect stories which can reinforce the concept of reward for good deeds. There are many of these, which can be found in Islamic children’s books and websites.We also included the story of the woman who was promised punishment because she was cruel to her cat, for the sake of contrast, and as a reminder of why it is so important to try to perform good deeds, inshAllah.

example pages

The pages above show the work done on the story of the woman and the three dates, and the story of when Hasan (ra) and Hussain (ra) showed an old bedouin how to perform wudu.

More stories can be found here and here.

After covering the stories we had chosen we made a front cover,


The cover shows a pathway leading towards the word “Jannah”. I asked my daughter to think of lots of good deeds and to mark them along the pathway. Making the cover at the end of the project helps to check how the concepts of good deeds have been absorbed by the child.

 She also wrote “Good deeds help us get to Jannah” on the cover.



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