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Adaab Mini Book

This minibook is an illustrative sample, made for use with a group of girls in their early teens. The girls are to make their own books, based on the example. A friend of mine made this minibook.

It really is a “mini” book, measuring 12 x 10cm, and the pages are pieces of card taped together.

book cover

inside the cover

Inside the cover is a table of contents, then on the first page there is the adaab of giving salaam. I have compiled a PDF with the references used in this minibook which can be printed out. Link at the end of the post.

the salaam

The hadith relating to salaam is given on the page, and the words of the salaam are given in the fold out shapes.

speech and dress


The next page contains sections on speech and covering. Next to the flower and mouth cut outs the title reads “Adab of Speaking”. The flower opens out,

flower fold

Examples of speech that should be refrained from are listed on the petals:

1. False testimony                   5. Speaking rubblish (foolish/idle talk)

2. Backbiting                              6. Speaking kufr

3. Spreading gossip                 7. Speaking about sexual matters

4. Lying                                        8. Speaking on forbidden topics

The mouth opens up as an accordian book, with a hadith cautioning the tongue to fear Allah. (Hadith in PDF).

mouth accordian book

The page on the adaab of covering has a lift up khimar and abaayah. Underneath is an evidence on covering. (see PDF).


The next pages concern the adaab of visiting the ill and of entering a majlis (gathering).

visiting the ill

The hadith for this section are in the PDF below. One is written above the bed, the other on the liftable bed cover.


This opens out, like shutters.


On the pink paper is written the evidence for adaab in a majlis, (see PDF). On the other side the drawing of  a house opens up to reveal evidence for asking permission before entering a place.

asking permission

The next page is about reciting Quran. Advice on the manner of recitation is written inside the booklet pages.


The next page is about walking. Here the hadith is written next to the cut out foot shape.


The last page contains advice on correct use of the toilet, (use of the right hand), written on a toilet cut out.


I have made a PDF file of all the evidences used in this minibook, in case you would like to use them for your own project, inshAllah.

Adaab Minibook PDF

Edited to add:

Here are some examples of the adaab mini book adapted for younger children, aged around 6-8. There are fewer examples, and the language used is simpler.

junior mini book covers


These pages give advice on bathroom manners, and the adaab of giving salaam and speaking. Simple shapes illustrate the themes.


These junior books were made by boys, so here the adaab of men’s clothing is illustrated with a thobe shape on the outside,

trouser and top

and a trouser and top underneath, with the information written over it!!

(Click on any photo to see it enlarged.)

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I think that the study of Prophet Dawud (as) is well suited to a lapbook because there is relatively little information on this Prophet, and what there is consists mainly of short facts.

My sons completed this lapbook study over three days.


The picture shows two lapbooks, one for each son.

These were the sections:

The central piece of writing is an account of how Dawud(as) killed Jalut in a battle, as described in Surah Baqarah:251.

Below that, also in the centre is a simple folded book about the fasting and prayer of Dawud (as), based on the Hadith in Bukhari 3420, ” The most loved salah (prayer) in the sight of Allah is the salah of Dawud and the most loved saum (fasting) in the sight of Allah is the saum of Dawud. He used to sleep for the first half of the night and offer prayer for one third of it and sleep again for one sixth of it. And he used to observe fast on alternate days. And when he encountered an enemy he never fled.”

Next to this section is a book outline shape about the Zabur.  On it is written, “We surely made some prophets better than others, and We gave Dawud a Zabur (or book)”  Quran,17:55

On the top right is a simple folded book with a mountain picture on it.


Inside is written a few sentences about the sweet voice that Allah (swt) gave Dawud (as), and how when he recited the birds and mountains would glorify Allah with him.  Also: ” And we subjected the mountains to glorify (Us) along with Dawud, and (also) the birds….” Quran 21:79

Below that is a hand shaped section with the following hadith written on it, “The best (food) man eats is that (he eats)out of his earnings and the Prophet of Allah, Dawud ate from what he earned with his hands” Abu Dawud , 3528.

On the left of the lapbook, the top section is a simple folded book with a balance scale on the front. Inside are a few sentences about the kingdom and authority given to Dawud (as) and about his judgements between the people, such as mentioned in Surah Sad:24.

Lastly is a mini book with a picture of chain mail,

chain mail

Inside is written a sentence describing how Dawud (as) was the first to make chain mail. Also: ” And We softened for him iron, (saying) “make wide coats of mail, and measure well the links and do righteous deeds. Surely I am seer of what you do.” Quran 34:11

I sincerely hope the above information is authentic and correct. Any mistakes are my own fault.

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