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Surah Kahf Lapbook

This lapbook project was done with a six year old as a review of her learning about the following three stories from Surah Kahf

The People of the Cave

Musa and Al-Khidr

Two men of the Gardens

The stories can be introduced through story telling, following up with this illustrative project.

Lapbooks are usually done on file folders, but for this project the pages and cover were all made from A4 sheets of black sugar paper, so there is no excuse for not lapbooking just because you have run out of file folders!

The central page on Khidr (as) and Musa (as) has the translation of ayat 18:61.

On the other side of the brown flap is the translation of 18:25, “And they stayed in their cave three hundred years adding nine”

This fold fits underneath the two trees above. Sorry about the fuzzy image! The ayat numbers are 18:38-39, and 18:42. This orange fold folds in half, so under the top half in this picture is another fold with the translation of 18:35. All of this folds together so that when closed the picture on the outside is of half a tree.

The section on Khidr (as) and Musa (as) takes up the central part of the lapbook. On each side of the central section extra pages have been attached.

On the white area, in multi coloured writing, are the reasons why Khidr did those acts. (From 18:79-82).

The written  part is the translation of 18:77, about the wall.

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A friend and I put this project together for our daughters, aged 5 and 6.

A pizza book is made from a disc of card which is folded into segments, so when folded to store it is “slice sized”.

For this project we needed four outer segments for the illustrations and four inner segments for the ayaat.

Using a square cut folder we cut out the largest circle possible, folded it in half, then half again. Next we cut along one fold, to the centre (radius). If you do this you should be able to open or close the book, one segment at a time.


During this project the children learn that Allah (swt) created the heavens, earth and all that is between them in six days. You will probably need to introduce this information through discussion or story telling prior to making the book.

Starting with the book folded shut, open the first page. (This is to make sure you work in the right order!) Around the top curve of our books the children wrote “Allah made the heavens and earth”. Beneath the writing we stuck a coloured in “earth from space” type picture. On the next page we stuck planet, moon, sun and star cut outs.

On the third page the children wrote “Allah made everything on earth” across the top, and on these two last pages they stuck various pictures representing the creation of landscape, plants and animals. We wanted to keep the language in this part of the book very simple and it was hard to decide on what words to use. You may prefer a different wording!

Next we made the inner circle pages, using the corner pieces from the square cut folders. These were then joined together with sticky tape and fixed into the centre of the larger circle from its cut, so that it too could be opened out, one piece at a time, making a “spiral” effect.

Onto each section we stuck the meanings of the ayyat, as follows,


Whilst the children worked on colouring, cutting and sticking we discussed the meaning of the ayaat with them.

Finally, don’t forget to make a nice cover for your pizza book!                                   

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